There's nothing like butter chicken and here are 7 recipes you should make

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With it's Punjabi roots, mildly-spiced butter chicken is one of the most popular curry dishes. Hailing from the Indian sub-continent, the dish traditionally comprises chicken which is marinated in yoghurt and spices, then seared in a tandoor oven (a skillet works just as well!) before being simmered in a rich sauce made with cream, butter and tomatoes.
Mild and slightly sweet, it's a really popular dish to introduce kids to spices and curry flavors. We've rounded up some fabulous recipes for you to get spicy with!
1. Butter chicken (h/t Laura in the Kitchen)
The video is so great and you can almost smell those incredible spices! If you haven't made butter chicken before, then start here - it's a wonderfully authentic recipe and you'll love the result!
2. Indian classic butter chicken (h/t The Tiffin Box)
Want to really do this classic dish justice? Set aside a little time and enjoy preparing this lovely recipe. It's as authentic as it gets and has a longer list of ingredients than other recipes; but my oh my, the first forkful will make it all worthwhile!
3. Punjabi murgh makhani (h/t Kevin is Cooking)
This is a fantastically easy and quick version that ditches the butter but dials up the richness with Greek yoghurt and cream. A great one to get the kids enjoying spices!
4. Finger lickin' butter chicken (h/t Little Spice Jar)
M..mmm...we have real ghee here, along with whipping cream and some seriously aromatic spices, for butter chicken that the family will beg you to make again and again!
5. Healthy slow cooker butter chicken (h/t The Kitchen Paper)
Butter chicken doesn't have to be indulgent - this light and low-fat version can be handily popped into the crock pot for a rich and delicious Indian dish that doesn't break the diet!
6. Instant Pot butter chicken
Indian cuisine has a knack for taking a basic protein like chicken, and giving it an incredibly addictive taste. The secret is in the spices that come together to balance each other, and provide a backbone of flavor for the dish. Indian dishes can often be time-consuming to prepare, but this Instant Pot recipe makes it easy and fast to create this mildly spicy favorite. Get the full recipe here.
7. Instant pot keto butter chicken (h/t Two Sleevers)
This recipe is brilliantly practical, with a great tip to take out half of the sauce before finishing it, so that next curry night, you can knock together this gloriously-flavored, low-carb pressure cooker version in next to no time!
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