There's nothing like a creamy bowl of mushroom soup and here are 7 recipes that are fantastic

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Mushroom soup is the epitome of everything we love about comfort food. It's rich, creamy, and always seems to warm us up from the inside out. There's a fine art to mastering the perfect mushroom soup, but with the right recipe anything is possible!
If you are craving your very own pot of this comfort classic dish, then you have options to choose from. Here are some of the best ways you can prepare this tasty soup. You'll never settle for the canned stuff ever again.
1. Easy creamy mushroom soup (h/t J. Kenji López-Alt)
If you have some fresh mushrooms that need to be cooked pronto, then this is the best recipe to use them up. This quick dish results in a flavorful soup that don't require too much effort.
2. Hungarian mushroom soup (h/t Plating and Pairings)
This mushroom soup recipe is perfect for those who want a little something different in their bowl. The smoky flavor combined with the fresh dill topping is over-the-top delicious!
3. Creamy chicken and mushroom soup (h/t Damn Delicious)
You should definitely spare 30 minutes to whip up this creamy and oh-so-good chicken and mushroom soup. Traditionally, mushrooms are the MVP, but add in some chicken and you have a hearty soup that will fill your stomach.
4. Homemade tomato mushroom soup (h/t The Kitchen is My Playground)
This recipe is like two soups in one! The mushrooms make this soup filling, but the tomato flavoring is what makes it rich and delicious. You have to try this combination.
5. Loaded creamy mushroom soup (h/t Salt and Lavender)
Sometimes people think that mushroom soup is only good for lunch or a light dinner. Wrong! This recipe shows just how heart you can make this decadent dish. The trick is to invest in some tasty toppings.
6. Russian mushroom and potato soup (h/t Tara's Multicultural Table) If you desire a veggie-packed mushroom soup then this will fit the bill. It hast he same creamy richness that you're used to, but the fresh vegetables make it even more satisfying.
7. Cream of wild mushroom soup (h/t Simply Recipes)
If you love picking wild mushrooms in season then this dish will absolutely delight you. There's something so much more flavorful about wild mushrooms and this recipe really showcases the difference.
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