Check out these 7 recipes for savory roasted potatoes

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Roasted potatoes pair nicely with just about any meal. They add a little comfort food to the table without much time and can be jazzed up just about any way that you like. Whether you want something on the light side or something hearty, you'll find the perfect roasted potato recipe from these yummy options.
1. Perfect roasted potatoes (h/t Home Food Buzz)
If you want to stick to tradition, then this is the recipe to try. The crispy outside and tender inside are an irresistible combination.
2. Lemon roasted potatoes
Lemon zest is the secret ingredient that adds a delicious pop of flavor to this recipe. Who needs cheese or cream when a potato already has fresh flavors? Herbs and garlic mingle perfectly with lemony flavor for a light, fresh dish.
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Full Recipe: Lemon roasted potatoes
3. Italian roasted potatoes (h/t Rasa Malaysia)
You won't be able to get enough of this butter and cheese blend. It's simple enough to throw together for a weekday meal and sure to get requests for seconds.
4. Garlic ranch potatoes
This recipe combines potatoes with ranch dressing and garlic in a savory masterpiece. If you aren't a fan of ranch, use taco seasoning or a packet of chili flavoring instead.
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5. Balsamic roasted potatoes
Add a little balsamic to your next pan of roasted potatoes for an unexpected burst of flavor.
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6. Rosemary roasted potatoes (h/t Culinary Hill)
A dash of rosemary can breathe life into any dish. This is especially true for roasted potatoes.
7. Roasted ranch potatoes (h/t The Country Cook)
Ranch lends a tasty pop of flavor that your guests won't expect. In as little as 30 minutes, you can serve this scrumptious side — and watch as it quickly disappears.
8. English-style roasted potatoes (h/t Rock Recipes)
These roasted potatoes are light and fluffy on the outside with a crispy outer shell. You'll always choose roasted over baked or mashed potatoes once you give this dish a shot.
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This recipe is a great example of turning two good foods into something fabulous.
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