8 enchilada recipes that your whole family will enjoy

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Enchiladas are just all-around great. Wrapping up good things inside a soft tortilla, then baking under a flavorsome cover of sauce is something most cooks can turn their hand to, and the result is fantastic!
No-one has to skip the enchilada party; vegans and vegetarians can tuck in as well as meat-lovers, while number 8 will keep the kids (of all ages!) happy!
1. Chicken enchiladas with white cream sauce (h/t Table of 6)
Brush up your culinary skills with this great tutorial on how to rustle up an awesome creamy chicken enchilada dish that your family will ask for every week!
2. Best chicken enchiladas ever (h/t Gimme Some Oven)
Chicken enchiladas again, but this time with a red enchilada sauce (there's a recipe for a mouthwatering homemade version!) and a moreish Mexican cheese topping.
3. Black bean and potato vegan enchiladas with avocado and cilantro sauce (h/t This Savory Vegan)
You will not miss meat one bit in this spicy, flavorsome enchilada recipe that uses black beans and potato to bulk out some seriously fabulous flavors.
4. Honey lime chicken enchiladas (h/t Six Sister's Stuff)
This recipe is just so brilliant. The honey and lime marinade is to die for, and the cream-enriched green enchilada sauce compliments it beautifully.
5. Breakfast enchiladas (h/t Little Spice Jar)
Say yes to breakfast enchiladas! Potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheese and ranchero sauce...seriously, days that start with this beauty are good days!
6. Slow cooker chicken enchilada casserole
Enchiladas that you can make in the slow cooker? Corn tortillas are layered in the casserole, making this dish almost like a Mexican-style lasagna. Both kids and adults will love this dish, and it goes great with an ice-cold margarita! Get the full recipe here.
7. Cheesy sweet and sour pomegranate Thai chicken enchiladas (h/t Half Baked Harvest)
You ain't never tried your enchiladas like this before! Chili sauce, zingy lime juice, tender chicken, sweet pomegranate...it's all going on, but here's the thing: it works. The big, beautiful flavors are somehow magically conducted together for a real taste sensation!
8. Roast chicken stacked enchilada suizas
Poblano peppers, tomatillos and give this casserole fresh green color and a bright zippy flavor. The sauce is warm, but not spicy. If you’d like to punch it up you can add a jalapeno or two to the roasting pan in step one. Get the full recipe here.
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