9 hearty meat pie recipes that'll remind you of mom's home cooking

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There's nothing quite as comforting as the stick-to-your-rib goodness that a delicious homemade meat pie can give you.
These 9 hearty recipes feature some of the best meat pie recipes that'll remind you of mom's home cooking. Now, that's something to write home about!
1. Shepherd's hand pies (h/t Honest Cooking)
This recipe takes shepherd's pie to a whole other level. These little babies will disappear quickly!
2. Epic chunky beef and mushroom pie (h/t Recipe Tin Eats)
This chunky beef and mushroom pie is overflowing with tender chunks of beef and mushrooms swimming in a gravy that'll have you begging for more. Puff pastry holds it all together. This recipe is for die-hard foodies!
3. Kreatopita (h/t My Greek Food Recipes)
No need to visit your favorite Greek restaurant for this traditional Grecian meat pie. Kreatopita is made using layers of buttered phyllo that are filled with a mincemeat mixture of Greek-seasoned ground beef and béchamel sauce.
4. Chicken pot pie (h/t Eat Well 101)
Puff pastry comes to the rescue again, this time enveloping a comforting chicken pot pie that’s something to write home about.
5. Southern cottage pie (h/t Southern Discourse)
This Southern cottage pie is not your basic meat and potatoes fare. A black iron skillet and simple ingredients come together to deliver an extraordinarily hearty and comforting meal.
6. Chicken Florentine phyllo pie (h/t Diethood)
This Chicken Florentine pie is a fresher and healthier take with a delectable flavor that’ll comfort and soothe those taste buds.
7. Beef stroganoff pies (h/t The Fare Sage)
Who doesn’t love beef stroganoff? Forget rice or pasta. Puff pastry takes center stage here!
8. Jamaican beef patties with perfectly flaky crust (h/t Whisk it Real Gud)
You likely already have all you need on hand to make these spicy Jamaican beef patties. So do it! You’ll thank me for it.
9. Meat pie by (Do It All Working Mom)
This traditional French Canadian meat pie uses cinnamon and cloves to spice things up. Not to mention, you get two pies, one for now and one for later. Of course, it's so good, the second one may never make it to the freezer.
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