Throw rice, celery, and onions in a frying pan to make this dish of comfort

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Every great recipe begins with the basics and for many cooks, that would be onions, celery, and rice.
When you combine those in a frying pan or skillet with other ingredients, it's comfort food at its best. Here are 8 great recipes to soothe and comfort your bellies.
1. Cajun dirty rice
I’m from Louisiana and Cajun dirty rice is a staple here. This dirty rice dish is a great one-pot wonder. Cooked ground beef with rice and beans makes this dish hearty and filling, perfect for the family on the go. Typically a traditional Southern dish, this dirty rice gets a spicy kick from Cajun seasoning. Perfect for a cold day or even a casual dinner party, this Southern classic can be enjoyed anytime! Get the full recipe here.
2. Chicken with brown rice and mushrooms (h/t Recipes, Food, and Cooking)
This healthier dish starts off with a bit of browning in the skillet and is finished off in the oven. The added mushrooms and earthy brown rice lend a rustic flavor that combines with the chicken to deliver a hearty one-pot meal.
3. Chinese beef and rice (h/t Comfortable Food)
Beef boullion and soy sauce combine to turn a standard favorite into an Asian delight. This Chinese beef and rice does have a fair amount of sodium but you could alter the recipe and add some sautéed veggies to balance it all out.
4. Weeknight cheesy chicken and rice (h/t Picky Palate)
There’s a whole lotta “Yum” going on in this dish! When you want a simple and quick weeknight meal, this cheesy chicken and rice dish will do in a pinch.
5. Easy veggie fried rice
This easy fried rice recipe will hit the spot when you crave your favorite takeout. Next time, try this for yourself and see. This verison is vegetarian but you can easily substitute with your favorite meat! Get the full recipe here.
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6. One skillet Mediterranean chicken and rice (h/t Delicious Meets Healthy)
This festive Mediterranean chicken and rice are as pretty as it is delicious. There are so many flavors and textures going on here that it’ll please all palates. The lemon is a nice refreshing surprise. You’ll want seconds for this one. I guarantee it!
7. Beef and rice casserole (h/t My Cultured Palate)
Here’s a stick to your ribs casserole that is yummy and easy to prepare. Plus, there’s just something about cheese that makes any dish better. This one is no exception.
8. Risotto recipes (h/t Essentials)
Risotto is a northern Italian rice dish. It's usually cooked in a creamy broth. Here are some recipes to show you how it's done.
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