6 beef dishes you can whip up in your crockpot

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Whether you call it by its brand name, crockpot or if you call it a slow cooker, there's one thing that's for sure — if you're not cooking with one of these helpful kitchen appliances you're missing out.
A crock pot makes dinner time quick and easy. This thing literally cooks your food for you while you just have to dump it in. But let's talk about beef. Here are some amazing beef dishes that you can whip up in your crockpot.
1. Slow cooker Mongolian beef (h/t The Recipe Critic)
This recipe is so easy and what you're left with is beef that pretty much just melts in your mouth. The ingredient list is minimal and the slow cooker does all the work
2. Red wine crock pot beef (h/t Whole and Heavenly Oven)
Looking for a meal that's full of flavor, but also easy to cook? Look no further than this one! The red wine provides a delicious, mouth-watering flavor for this easy dinner.
3. Slow cooker shepherd's pie (h/t Tastes of Lizzy T)
This classic casserole has been a staple for family dinner for generations but it's time that we learn to simplify this ever popular dish — make it in the slow cooker!
4. Slow cooker barbacoa (Gimme Some Oven)
This recipe can really pack a punch of flavor, making it a great option for burritos, tacos, salads, quesadillas and more. You'll be in heaven when you whip this up in your slow cooker.
5. Slow cooker beef tips and gravy (h/t Carlsbad Cravings)
Call this the perfect meal for a weeknight. It's easy but it's also downright tasty. This meal is rich, satisfying and wonderfully hearty.
6. Slow cooker pot roast If all else fails there is always a classic. There's nothing like a hearty pot roast. Here is a delicious and easy recipe to follow
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